Once you get inspiration from observation, how can you resist an idea whose time has come? 

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Hi! I am Guanjie. I am a designer, researcher and perceiver. 

A healthy science must generate technology and meet human needs: psychology is no exception.
— George A Miller, The Author of "The magic number 7±2"

Before I started my master project at Human Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, I received my bachelor degree in psychology from Zhejiang University, the best university in the field of engineering psychology in China. Alongside with my great passion in psychology and cognitive science, I have a strong belief that they can and should be applied to meet human needs and change the world. I love observing human behaviors, reflecting both perspectives of information processing and social cognition. To me, the best part of user experience design is to translate research discoveries into design ideas. 

I will graduate with a degree of Master of Educational Technology and Applied Learning Science in August, 2015.

I have great passion in cognitive science and its application. As a psychology major, I took part in 3 granted research projects in total during my undergraduate years at Zhejiang University. The domains that I explored includes generational difference of social cognition, decision illusion and its interaction with personality, and the impact of attention status on perception.

I led a 3-person team to work on the latest project, which was granted by Ministry of Education of China ("National Undergraduate Training Grant for Innovation and Entrepreneurship"). The project was mentored by Professor Mingzheng Wu. I wrote my bachelor degree thesis based on this research, and presented research discoveries on behalf of Prof. Wu on the 2nd International Symposium on Decision Making and Brain Research, Beijing (2014). 

In the other 2 projects, I worked as a co-researcher, collaborating in experimental design, experiment running, data analysis and report writing. In a project that was granted both by the Ministry of Education of China and by Zhejiang Province, I was in charge of designing & coding a experiment control program. The program was used to run a series of decision-making psychology experiments with more than 200 participants. The tool I used for coding psychological experiments is NBS Presentation®. The softwares I used for statistical analysis included SPSS® and SPSS® Amos.